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We provide staff for your business or organisation who work remotely from our modern offices in India. Whether it is professional, technical or administrative staff you require, we can source people with the right qualifications and experience for your needs.  You interview and approve all candidates, we can arrange a no-cost trial period with no obligation, and no long term contracts are necessary. 

Remote Staffing

Competent staff, save 70 to 80% in costs while still delivering your high quality services and products

Businesses and organisations across the world have learned through managing the Covid pandemic that it is no longer necessary for staff to be located within thier office. Many roles, perhaps the majority in some industries, can be located anywhere and still provide the same service. 


It no longer matters whether your employee is sitting in your office or sitting in our modern premises here in India, they can be effective in working within your teams, delivering your work in a very cost effective way.

We provide the best hand-picked staff to be an integral part of your team, and they are located in India.  We don’t provide a service, we provide you with the staff.  They belong to your team and work as you require under your supervision. Prior to any engagement you will undertake a video interview with the potential candidates, and when you are satisfied we have found the correct person, then Jacaranda will employ them and allocate them exclusively to be part of your team.  Jacaranda then invoices at the end of the month.

Internet communication and collaboration is now virtually free using the internet.  There is no longer any cost barrier for video calls, Cloud sharing of documents, file transfers or just a simple voice call. 

We typically save our Western clients 70% to 80% of the cost of employing someone locally.  With Jacaranda you can adjust your team size to suit your business needs in an easy streamlined way. 

In addition to the salary savings that Jacaranda staff can offer your business, you also save considerable sums for office space. With minimum area per employee being typically 10 to 12 square metres, with Jacaranda staff this is completely avoided. This saving also goes straight to the bottom line.

Skills List

We typically provide staff in the following disciplines:

  • Schedulers (Planners) - Primavera and MS Project

  • CAD Engineers/Technicians

  • Accountants

  • Secretarial, Administrative and Personal Assistants

  • Engineers

We are open to discuss other skills that match your requirements. India has an enormous pool of talent to draw upon in all disciplines.

Our premises in Cochin, Kerala are in modern well equipped offices the same as you would see in any Western country. 


All of our staff have excellent English language skills both spoken and written. 

It is not necessary to sign any long-term contracts, we work transparently with our client organisations to plan ahead for their business staffing needs and then tailor the term to suit their needs. Of course, circumstances change and we adapt to our clients needs.

Our premises in Cochin, Kerala in India are in modern well equipped offices the same as you would see in any Western country.   

Call our Australian director in Queensland on telephone no. 0477 623 208 for a no obligation discussion on how we may be able to assist you. 

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